It all started for me in Glasgow Scotland, when I was eight. My teacher insisted I enter a drawing in a local art contest. I won first prize, even though the other students were much older. From there it was onto a national competition, which brought me a second place ribbon. Ironically the piece that won was by the man who would eventually be my tutor in my early teens, and in third place, the teacher who insisted I submit my work. In my late teens and early twenties, my art took to me England, France and finally Spain, where I studied under Salvador Dali for several months.

In the early seventies, I immigrated to Canada, succumbed to pressure, and joined my father and my brother-in-law in the automotive business. I entered a self-imposed exile and didn’t put a brush to canvas for almost 30 years, It wasn’t until after my divorce and a move to Vancouver that my interest in the arts returned with a passion. I also added a new tool to my inventory, a camera. Prior to that I had always regarded the camera as a tool one would only use when taking family snapshots.

Now that I have officially retired, I spend most of my day creating new art in all mediums.


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